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Transcription rules

By Stephen Shimanek . Last update : 13 July 2007.

As much as possible, we are trying to respect a set of rules in order to assure high transcription quality:

-  We have put together a "dynamic coding guide", a working document which is constantly being enriched and discussed by those transcribing.
-  Each corpus is transcbribed by a team of two people, one of whom does not know the child.
-  One child’s speech will always be worked on by the same transcribers (so that they can get used to his/her idiosyncrasies.)
-  Students hired to translate take part in the research meetings and participate in the analyses.
-  In order to avoid under- and over-interpretation, there are frequent meetings between those who film and those who transcribe (some researchers both film and transcribe).
-  Transcription problems encountered are discussed at each team plenary meeting.


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