Projet Léonard - Acquisition du langage et grammaticalisationProjet Léonard - Acquisition du langage et grammaticalisation

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By Stephen Shimanek . Last update : 18 June 2007. (trans. by Stephen Shimanek)

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A quoi pense Madeleine?

Research in language acquisition made a great leap forward with the development of digital video and specialized software. It is is now possible to collect longitudinal data by filming children in their home environment, to transcribe the filmed sequences, and to synchronize transcriptions with the films using software specifically designed for this purpose. Video, more than a simple tool, is also an art, and as such it would be interesting for reaserchers to collaborate with sound and image professionals to improve the quality of the data, their relationship with the filming, and to reflect on the space occupied by the video-camera in families under study. Through this research project on the emergence of grammatical markers in child speech, we intend to forge a collaborative project between professionals in the audio-visual field and language acquisition researchers, through a constant dialogue with filmmakers and a composer.

Moreover, there is little audio-visual material available for teachers who wish to enrich their classes on child language for students preparing degrees in related fields such as psychology, linguistics, sociology, education, or child care. The Leonard team intends to produce a documentary film showing the birth of grammar in children, jointly directed by linguists, musicians and a professional filmmaker.

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