Projet Léonard - Acquisition du langage et grammaticalisationProjet Léonard - Acquisition du langage et grammaticalisation

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By Stephen Shimanek . Last update : 28 June 2007.

The Project Leonard team would first like to thank the ENS-LSH, its director, Olivier Faron, and the personnel working in a variety of different services at the school for the enthusiastic support they have brought to the project and the building of the web site.

This site would not have been possible without Emmanuel Gerstenkorn’s remarkable technical realisation and Anne Roberty’s elegant design.

The members of the Leonard project also thank all of those who have communicated their passion for work on child language, and in particular:

Mireille Brigaudiot, Jerome Bruner, Eve Clark, Laurent Danon-Boileau, Maya Hickmann, Annick de Houwer, Marie-Thérèse Lenormand, Brian McWhinney, Elinor Ochs, Yvan Rose, Anne Salazar-Orvig, Dan Slobin, Michael Tomasello, Edy Veneziano.

Moreover we very much appreciate the advice and help of Serge Heiden, Michel Jacobson, Nicolas Larrousse, end the entireRISC team.


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