Projet Léonard - Acquisition du langage et grammaticalisationProjet Léonard - Acquisition du langage et grammaticalisation


By Stephen Shimanek . Last update : 10 July 2007.


The team formerly named SILEX, now a subsection of the laboratory STL, is focused on the semantic bases of syntactic categorisation. It seems to us very important to analyze our adult/child dialog data while trying to understand how the child enters into syntax and if he relies on semantics to do so. In order to continue the laboratory’s work on the interface between the argument structure of predicates and their syntactic instantiations, we are working on the progressive appearance in our data of different types of predicates. More specifically, we are looking at the difference between perception verbs/thought verbs and action verbs, both at the level of their arguments and their use in the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd persons. Furthermore, as one of the laboratory’s new centers of research is focused on grammaticalization in L2 acquisition, a comparison of these analyses will be of interest. It turns out that the adult learner, unlike children learning their mother tongue, rarely reach the "target", that is to say a mastery of the grammatical and discursive structures of L2 comparable to that of a native speaker. Our goal is to determine the grammaticalization stage second-language learners reach depending on the acquisition context, and if their development presents similarities with those of children learning their native language.

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