Projet Léonard - Acquisition du langage et grammaticalisationProjet Léonard - Acquisition du langage et grammaticalisation

Projected Timeline

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Calendar 2006-2011.

We have established the following timeline for the next five years.

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Funding The project is funded by the National Research Agency for a period of three years. We hope to be able to find other sources of concurrent and subsequent funding to be able to continue recording, transcribing, and analyzing for a longer period of time.

Recordings As this is a longitudinal study, within the scope of the project the children will be filmed for two to two and a half years and we hope to able to continue the filming in certain cases.

Transcriptions The transcriptions were begun a few months after the first recordings and will be cross-checked several times before being used for analysis and before being shared with other researchers.

Description and Analyses Each researcher begins by making a detailed, month-by-month description of the corpus for which s/he is responsible. These descriptions will be pooled in order to define a set of descriptors that will then be applied to each video sequence. The analyses of the appearance of grammatical markers will be conducted based on the themes chosen and presented in plenary session by the researchers.


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